Starmer concedes election to SNP

In a stunning expose of how Labour UK believe Scottish Labour will perform at the next Westminster General Election, Keir Rodney Starmer has conceded it to the SNP already.

As you can see reported by Theo Usherwood, Political Editor of LBC – that Starmer is already saying he won’t do a deal with the SNP, predicting an SNP win rather than his own branch office.

It further reveals how little Starmer has his finger on the pulse, as following a pro-Indy win at the next election, Scotland will be transitioning to independence, due to the Supreme Court ruling UK Parliamentary sovereignty is unbreakable and Scotland would have just won the vote that powers that particular engine.

In this example let’s say Nicola Sturgeon is the negotiator, she would be effectively playing both parties off against each other anyway, to get the best deal for Scotland. I don’t see why Scottish voters would care what rump UK gets left with once the deal is done. If they get left with another Tory Government, that’s what they voted for. Scotland is not responsible for poor decision-making south of the border.

Likewise, outside the Scottish Labour member & supporter voting pool – no one actually thinks Scottish Labour are ready to do anything useful. 72% of people disagree that Scottish Labour is ready to form the government. Will we cope without that lot in charge?

If we squint through and get beyond the fact Starmer forgot Scotland just became independent and is negotiating and transitioning due to the defacto-ref. Keir shows his naivety about how the UK Government and election system work.

You see in the event of a hung parliament, without a deal being done to have a workable majority, you enter confidence and supply. There are only a few outcomes here.

  1. The Prime Minister only resigns when a successor is apparent, otherwise, the UK Government largely trundles on as it was. It can’t pass new legislation but the old stuff just runs. Scotland can keep negotiating with whoever the UK Government of the day is. You see the King needs to change the PM, and can only do so if they know someone will command the support of the house. Paralysis in the UK Parliament is only a help to us.
  2. Keir Starmer would be the one gifting his ‘victory’ to the Tories because the SNP or pro-Indy party would have won the Scottish Mandate on solely INDEPENDENCE. Therefore of course there would only be one condition, it would have been the only party in the UK to have won the mandate it put forward – it would be an assault on democracy and the fabric of the unwritten constitution if it was ignored. If he can’t form government alone and needs help – he knows the price, up to him to walk away from it.

Let’s take that last example for a moment, if I don’t buy a donut at the stipulated price, I don’t get to complain when the next person in line buys the last one on some sort of ‘I deserve it more’ rampage.

Pay the price, get the goods. Rodney gets his donut if he pays the Scottish donut stall.

You will notice, Starmer has conceded the Scottish Election to the SNP, he’s conceded the UK election to a stalemate, he’s forgotten how we form the government, all while demanding the only party to have won anything – denies the only winning mandate – because otherwise, we would need to explain to voters why a party, that few of them voted for, isn’t getting to do the job, few of them had confidence it could even do.

Strategist Starmer or Ridiculous Rodney?


Podcast: The old, ancient and new leaders at Westminster

In todays episode we cover:
– Keir Starmer, Gordon Brown and Anas Sarwars constitutional intervention.
– International and domestic comparisons on the constitution and what we can learn.
– Stephen Flynn and Mhairi Blacks leadership takeover of the SNP MP group.

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Big whoop Blackford

I’ll try not to be too negative but realistically does this shuffle matter? It’s not hard to see why those in the SNP group are disappointed, there’s not even a failed strategy to point to – in effect there never was a strategy to fail. 

Ian Blackford has been in with the Westminster furniture that long, the predictable faux outrage, the bore-fest questions, the fake “aha” moments. 

The underwhelming speaker and the underwhelming chair occupier of the third party having theatrical disputes, likely rehearsed before hand, wink wink, nod nod.

I struggle to figure out what we’re losing, the mighty SNP MPs sent to Westminster to “settle up not settle down”, seem to have gone meekly into the night. I think we once or twice got an expulsion – and a one time walkout to send some heat back to the Scottish papers. 

What do we achieve down there? What’s moved the needle? The polls are stagnated right where 2015 left them. What message has been sent? What was Blackfords leadership giving us? 

What do the millions of pounds worth of staff, offices and accommodation achieve? Let’s take a look at last week alone:

David Linden took a picture of his pile of letters, on top is a written paper response to an online survey. 

Tweeting it out proudly. In reality the tax payer picks up the bill for the photo stunt. First class postage obviously rather than the quick online form.

Could we not have used the entire SNP MP postage budget (circa £6k a year each) and asked every constituent to give us their view on independence, sending the prepaid envelope results straight to Downing Street or the monarch? 

Sure it’s against the rules, but what will they do? Kick you out? What progress would be lost? 

Onto another “Stronger for Scotland” warrior. Stewart McDonald, here being presented an award from the party leader. 

Presumably for never straying once from party lines, even ones in direct contradiction to the week before. Always loyally cheering on the absolute glacial pace of movement by the Scottish Government and the Westminster nodding dog society. 

In fairness there are some exceptions, Philippa Whitford puts in an incredible Parliamentary shift and occasionally heads home in down time to aid the NHS. Joanna Cherry KC got that bored with lack of parliamentary action she took the government to court and booted them back into shape with a decisive win. Douglas Chapman roams around every open door of ambassadors, home and abroad, trying to either build support for independence recognition, or plug in a ferry route making new trade possibilities.

However the latter are all self starters – none of this was a Blackford strategy or idea. None of it was driven or demanded. 

So I’m left looking for the impact of the Blackford leadership, I’m looking for what we’ve lost, and I find very little. At school more than a decade ago I got forced to sit and listen to pontifications by boring old men in suits about god and the religious world, I became an atheist. Blackford much like Robertson before him was an utter chore, listening was painful and the output was nil. 

He’s gone, off to join the other ex “grandees” – I wonder what the follow up to the mighty horse box of independence that Michael Russell trotted about with will be with Blackfords new independence focussed role. 

However I’m left thinking, off he goes, big whoop. 


Final Act of UK Pantomime: A view from the peanut gallery

If like so many across our communities you’re waking up to the reality that in our clean energy rich Scotland, abundant with high quality produce and human talent we are approaching winter 2022/23 with folk trying to stop our fellow citizens from freezing and starving, then none of this blog will be news.

If you haven’t yet seen with any clarity, the direction of travel Scotland is being hurled down, as a passenger on the UK Brexit Bus 🇬🇧 controlled remotely by sociopaths like a red, white and blue remake of Speed, then hold onto your seat. This isn’t a drill.

Sadly, it’s not mere ‘lefty hyperbole’, it’s the dystopian reality of a neoliberal economy in meltdown from flame throwing disaster capitalists at an arsonist’s think tank conference, even Telegraph readers can’t avoid the flames 🔥

The visual image of ‘trickle down economics’ kinda fits with laws of nature as water flows downstream. This helps as a convincer as it sounds plausible and has for years convinced some in Scotland and many in the larger population of our neighbour that ‘business knows best’, ‘keep the markets happy and all will be well’ and ‘if GDP is growing then my life must be better’, right?

Un-interfered with, nature doesn’t have to deal with the human greed variable however. Greed is an agent of erosion to divert the natural flow of materials. It starts with the soft targets but unhindered, will eventually collapse the whole system in an attempt to keep the riches flowing back up stream and into plunge pools deep with treasure. Waterfall economics would be a more accurate description!

Scotland’s ‘left of centre’ elected voice is left to either fit in or attempt to stand out, with hand wringing or fist thumping speeches but ultimately,

”Scotland will not” always turns out to be ’Scotland are’…

In the latest plot twist in the perverse reality show that is U.K. politics, we’ve got ‘Britain’s Nae Talent’ PM Truss with her Bone Idle caBINet who can’t even be bothered to pretend to know their brief for the cameras as they vie for Ultimate Nihilistic Ninja champion by throwing as many obstacles as possible at ordinary folk, continually upping the challenges for them to survive!

The Boaty McBoatface winner of the latest Tory leadership spin the bottle contest, took to the stage to the tune of a song telling her to ‘pack her bags’ – the butt of a joke only she seems not to get.

An animatronic Truss looked pleased to have ticked ✅ all the ‘show dominance’ boxes in a speech the writers I’m sure were grateful was energised by two Greenpeace protestors.

‘Rebellious Scots to Crush’ seems to have been rebranded to “Separatists, back in yer box and await my instructions to solve the energy crisis we’re imposing on you while I find ways to foist my nuclear and fracking ‘solutions’ onto your land of embarrassing energy riches” – or as they like to call Scotland’s resources, ‘banker’s bonuses’. I just don’t get the lack of gratitude?

You’ll no be needing Ready Brek to glow if Technetium ☢️ Truss gets her way across these islands!

So, in a whirlwind few weeks, Truss Tornado hit landfall and OZ will never, ever be the same again!

House of the Norfolk broad landed with a thump squashing the Wicked Twonk of Uxbridge and South Ruislip but before (the inevitable) Tory party purvey had been ordered, or she had a chance to steam strip the headache inducing wallpaper from No10: the Queen died.

This perfect opportunity to establish herself as a statesperson on the global stage saw her scuttle awkwardly across the country after the new King like Julie Walter’s in ‘The Waitress’ while her ‘elite’ team apparently spent the mourning period writing scripts for a reboot of The Hunger Games.

Political business resumed and the new PM proclaimed ‘no ifs, no buts, well….maybe’ as she sought to tackle UK’s lack of growth by top rate tax cuts, to ensure more of the now uncapped banker’s bonus’s can be kept by those plucky hedge fund managers!

Reintroduced fois gras won’t pay for itself so a firm doubling down on real time cuts to welfare and worker’s pay and conditions should help the ’trickle’ flow in the right direction. The Emerald City won’t expand its shining glory by letting those pesky Munchkins get their mitts near the economy’s jewels!

While practicing clicking her heels in her new ruby slippers to M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ she tripped over her Chancellor reading the economic forecast of his ‘mini budget’ upside down and together they tumbled across the floor, wrenching down the big velvet curtain of neoliberal illusion and exposing the GREAT and POWERFUL UK WIZARDS to the world as just auld men in suits fiddling with knobs and puffing out hot air via various media channels and think tanks.

‘Strong and Stable’ once proclaimed by true blue Conservatives has been retired to a meme and even the most trusting Tory voter would surely be quietly checking on any bath their government was entrusted to run?

So, the façade has fallen and the ruse is finally up. The basement layer of talent deep beneath the once well scrapped barrel of Tory talent has been exposed for all to see! The sham of a post Brexit UK that trades on illusionary memories of a rose-tinted past it has methodically destroyed since Thatcher looks kinda pale and blotchy in the glare of daylight…

Those of us scratching our heads at the absurdity of this national ‘long con’ working on so many for so long (they even have CON in their name) must stay focussed on what comes next as it’s most certainly not a given!

So, the real question for Scotland now is, why are we still watching this UK pantomime from the peanut gallery? Scotland as a population don’t need convincing not to vote for Tory governments: we haven’t since 1955.

So, Scotland’s REAL energy crisis is whether the people of Scotland can create and sustain the energy required for REAL change and whether our own political classes can deliver the catalyst to speed up the reaction! 


What is a generation?

The first Scottish Independence referendum was in 2014.

As part of the campaign it was suggested the vote was ‘once in a generation’.

This sometimes gets brought up as some sort of solid argument against the need for a second referendum.

Firstly, it is therefore important we have a look at what has actually been agreed.

The Smith Commission that followed the first referendum ending, contained this nugget.

”It is agreed that nothing in this report prevents Scotland becoming an independent country in the future should the people of Scotland so choose.”

Full Smith Commission linked here, because for some reason it is VERY hard to get ahold of. However it establishes the referendum was not an ’only once, ever’ event.

Secondly we then need to consider ”what is a political generation?”

It would be incredibly useful if we had some sort of example, of a region/country of the UK that could occasionally call upon a referendum to determine its future constitutional status.

Amusingly the Irish have provided for exactly that.

The minimum referendum rerun duration provided for Northern Ireland leaving the United Kingdom and becoming its own country (in this case with the Republic of Ireland) is 7 years. Even better, the precedent of this ‘political generation’ is codified in law.

Northern Irish precedent matters to us, because we are of course as we are often reminded in ”a union of equals – a United Kingdom – ergo what’s competent for NI, is surely the same for Scotland.

Enter the Northern Ireland Act 1998

Some quick math tells us that we are eight years on from the first Scottish referendum.

Using the UK governments own schedule in the Act of Parliament as our precedent, which was established under the widely defended and praised Good Friday Agreement – specifically codified in relation to parts of the UK exiting – we can only conclude the following from following UK government provided information:

A political generation has now advanced, and it is acceptable for another referendum.