Indy X

Indy X is an independently organised – one time event – advancing the case for Scottish Independence.

Indy X is not an organisation. Indy X is an idea.

If you like this idea, take it, remix it, run with it.

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Previous Indy X Events

Indy X Fife – Moving Forward – 10/4/22

Amanda Burgauer, Ian Grant, Alex Salmond, Colette Walker, Douglas Chapman, Robin McAlpine
Chair: Anne Morton
Indy Orgs: Common Weal, SNP, ALBA, ISP, SIF, YES Dunfermline, YES Kirkcaldy, YES South Fife Coast, YES Rosyth
Info Stalls: Wee ALBA Book, Common Weal Books, Indy in your pocket, Believe in Scotland mini and maxi books, Political Party literature
Venue: Theatre, Duloch Community and Leisure Centre, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 8LW

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