ALBA’s Parliamentary Breakthrough!

ALBA just celebrated its third anniversary, and that birthday has brought in some exciting news in the form of a poll showing ALBA achieving its parliamentary breakthrough and the emergence of its first elected member win on an Alba ticket.

Having run for SNP leadership on a campaign for “Independence – Nothing Less” in October of 2023, Ash Regan defected to the ALBA Party, taking on the role of Holyrood leader.

In the four months since that defection, Ash Regan has helped grow the party’s electoral chances in the Lothian Region. Today ViveEcosse has run the figures for the Lothian Region Constituencies and List through an electoral calculator and the result is a political bombshell.

Ash Regan would be returned as an ALBA member of The Scottish Parliament on the Lothian Regional List, displacing Green C0-Leader Lorna Slater, according to the figures obtained on True North’s Survation Poll.

*AFU represents all ‘other parties’ in this image.

The 2021 Lothian List according to Ballot Box Scotland.

Data Tables Extract from Survation (True North Poll)