Indy X

IndyX in retrospect: Robin McAlpine

Since Indy X in Dunfermline, what progress do you think has been made in advancing the Independence movement?

It seems to me we’ve quite patently gone backwards. I don’t think the most panglossian viewpoint possible would be able to sustain the view that things WERE NOT a mess…

What has your group or organisation added in the last six months that should be featured?

Probably mainly Sorted and work around the care issue, though that might be considered a little more tangential

What next steps do you think we need to take as a movement?

Wait until there is different leadership. I don’t believe any new initiative is possible (certainly not one that will work) unless there is a leadership mentality which will allow it to work

If there was one key message you wanted to share and focus on, what would it be?

We need to sort our house first before we head off on any new wheezes. Until we are in something that, if you squinted, might look a bit like a fit shape for getting things done, we should focus on why we’re not in a fit state. There is no working mechanism via which to do this though.

Any other message or point you would like to make?

My biggest current worry is that there isn’t any remaining source of credibility which is recognised by all. I.e. there is no-one who could say ‘I’ve booked a hall and not only will everyone come, everyone would be willing to at least consider committing collectively to what emerges’. So we don’t currently have any honest broker who could do anything about all of this.

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