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IndyX in retrospect: Douglas Chapman

Since Indy X in Dunfermline, what progress do you think has been made in advancing the Independence movement?

We are days away from getting a Supreme Court judgement (a Win-Win either way) and we have a date for Indy Ref 2. There’s a lot of talk. 

What has your group or organisation added in the last six months that should be featured?

We have initiated and funded a YES Hub in the City of Dunfermline (Yes in the City) and begun a South Fife Coast YES Group. Taken part in a lot of Business for Scotland discussion / activity.

What next steps do you think we need to take as a movement?

Encourage Campaigning towards next October. Work out ways we can work cooperatively towards that one final achievement. 

If there was one key message you wanted to share and focus on, what would it be?

This is not about you! It’s about creating a new nation – one that’s successful, confident, fairer and happier. Leave your ego at the door and think about your kids / next generation. Our legacy. 

Any other message or point you would like to make?

Let’s get on with it and WIN! There has NEVER been a better time for Independence.

One reply on “IndyX in retrospect: Douglas Chapman”

You can stop peddling Nikla’s bullshit now Douglas. That game’s a bogey/up the pole(you choose) and very few of us believed it in the first place anyway.
Back to the gravy train for you, slogging away doing so very much in the fight to liberate Scotland(Joke).

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