Indy X

IndyX in retrospect: Colette Walker

Since Indy X in Dunfermline, what progress do you think has been made in advancing the Independence movement?

Since Dunfermline the Scottish government has submitted to Supreme Court which until we hear their official verdict, we are in no man’s land, we have seen the creation of Salvo, trying to educate on claim of rights.

What has your group or organisation added in the last six months that should be featured?

ISP has been busy since the local council elections, speaking at several Indy rallies in Glasgow, speaking at events put on by Alba, SSRG, and doing podcast such as Barrhead boy’s ‘ a Scottish Prism’. 

Attending Salvo conference and another couple of their smaller events. It is vital fir the Indy movement for solidarity and cooperation from the wide spectrum of parties & groups supporting a Scottish independence. 

What next steps do you think we need to take as a movement?

We feel strongly that once we hear from the Supreme Court, start of new year, a group such as IndyX, organising a round table event, inviting reps from all Indy parties/groups to work together on a campaign strategy, it’s vital we work as a cross party/group, not one party or person speaks for scotland on such an important matter. We are a democracy after all.  

If there was one key message you wanted to share and focus on, what would it be?

The most important thing is securing Scottish independence, making life a fairer, more humane society to life for all. All Indy supporting parties must work together, we life on a democratic country, we should work in a democratic way to secure independence and beyond.