The result is in

The Supreme Court have announced that the Scottish Government does not have the necessary competence to hold a referendum on Scottish Independence in a move certain to upset Scottish Independence Campaigners. 

There is a genuine fear that merely asking the question will end the United Kingdom. However the fact the question itself is outlawed – means the union of equals, died today. Independence is now more certain than ever. 

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I stated on your site that the Supreme court would make a ruling and it has, Scotland can’t hold referendums and Scotland isn’t a colony and Westminster is sovereign period. Who to blame Sturgeon and the New SNP and something else the SNP has Sh*t in there own nest they can no longer say a vote for the SNP is a vote for Independence, why on gods earth would you ever ask a foreign country a queston on your own Independence and espect a favourable answer.

For international recognition, it matters you tick all the boxes.

Remember – sovereign states are only born from that recognition. They need to see you’ve done everything.

As one door closes, many more open.

Well we know where we stand, is anyone surprised? Least of all the leader of the “party of independence” and our FM.
Looks like it’s all or nothing for her, now she has to make a case for Independence, something she’s conveniently shoved on the back burner for the last eight years.
She’ll have to work with others if, and it’s a huge if, she’s serious about our country’s independence.
The omens ain’t good, cost of living crisis, health service unable to cope and a poor domestic track record, case for Independence?
“Trust us”
Not bloody likely!
Time she thought seriously about retirement, cos the wheels are coming off the cart.

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