Can Sturgeon save her premiership?

There are now about 72 hours where Nicola Sturgeon must carefully tread.

With the Supreme Court unanimously deciding that the Scottish Government cannot hold a referendum on Scottish Independence – due to any success of that referendum meaning the overruling of UK Parliamentary sovereignty.

Nicola Sturgeon now faces the fight of her political career. There is now a power vacuum, and one of the strongest she will ever face.

A situation when a government has no identifiable central authority

The raison detre of the SNP is independence. There must be a new path forged in the next day or so, that can command a confidence of the movement or it’s all over for the SNP’s leader.

In power vacuums, new leaders emerge, with new and bolder ideas. Is there still a trick up Sturgeons sleeve?

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Sturgeon has brought this to the SC, she now stating she fully agrees with its decision, People I fail to see why anyone on here believes for a single minute Sturgeon is going to do something outside the UK law she’s never going to go against whatever the UK laws says and this has been our problems from her becoming FM.
Please my fellow scots take head nothing will change until we get rid of a lawyer who’s only going to abide by the UK law regardless of what we want and for F*ck sake don’t put JC in her place we need someone who’ll defy not keep saying AYE.

We need a change 8yrs is enough she must go and go quickly.

Well said, people need to wake up to the disaster that Sturgeon’s tenure as leader has been. massively promoted past her competency and desire for independence.

88 years of SNP failure.
8 years of Sturgeon failure.
Stick with Sturgeon for countless more years of failure.

“Can Sturgeon save her premiership?”
I hope not but up until now she’s Teflon, nothing sticks!
Such a mediocre and incompetent record should have seen her long gone along with her gang of lackluster
appointees. We’ve been failed by her and her cabal but until the adoring masses wake up to that fact and tell her “times up” we’re stuck with her.
If she had any real guts and belief in her own strategy, she’d call a snap SP election now.

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