Podcast: Sacked and SORTED

On today’s episode we discuss the sacking/resignation of lan Blackford the SNP Westminster Parliamentary group leader, and then go on to have a chat about the Common Weal new book SORTED – a handbook for a better Scotland.

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A movement determined

Join us on the Common Weal Policy Podcast for ‘a movement determined.

Allison, Chris and Graeme discuss the fallout of the Supreme Court decision with Rory on the Common Weal Policy Podcast.

Big ideas are hard. Your help is needed.

The Common Weal have taken a very unusual step for them, they’ve set up a crowdfunder to raise money to create ‘a handbook for a better Scotland’ – a very lofty statement. Before you scroll on and say ‘oh god no, times are tough, money is too tight’ – please give me a few moments.

Times are tough, the economy is crap, and money is tight. However our independence is the only way to really fix that and we need a guidebook to it. Can you spare 30 minutes, or £5.50 worth of effort (if it were a job paying the real living wage) to help share the crowdfunder link?

If you can afford to donate more than time, in sharing this link, please contribute what you can comfortably here:

That’s all we ask.

Post it on your social media accounts, comment with it on other independence supporting posts where it fits, introduce it in conversations. We’re all in so many facebook groups, twitter threads, TikTok trends.

Can you pop it on your SNP/Alba/Green/Yes party chats and onto the next meetings agenda? Can you get a local Yes hub to buy some copies in advance through the crowdfunder? If every branch in Scotland for the SNP, Alba, Greens and every Yes group bought one, the crowdfunder would be done in a day.

73 SNP Branches, 32 Alba LACUs, 32 Green Branches, 100 Yes groups * £30 for a signed copy = £7,110.

With the next referendum round the corner, we need more fully formed ideas, guiding the discussion from people across Scotland. The Common Weal have pulled it together into a phenomenal resource.

You might not be a Common Weal person, you might not even like much of their stuff, but the truth is – we need to have many big ideas, backed up as good as they can be, to meet the challenge of the information campaign ahead. Having answers and vision is key to us winning.

Big ideas are hard. Your help is needed. We need resources like this to bolster credibility without it being party political. The future of Scotland is exactly this – small people, making big ideas happen. – Thank you.