Time for Scotland to Reactivate YES!

Independence Rally – Glasgow Nov 2019

Whatever the decision by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the real result will be a reactivation of the Yes movement and a new understanding that we must be visible or folk around the world will think there’s no passionate (and rational!) support for independence in Scotland. There is, of course. But if it isn’t on display when Scotland’s future is making headlines, they will fairly conclude we don’t care that much. And so will that most important constituency – fellow Scots. So it’s up to all of us to turn out on Wednesday – regardless of differences of opinion or party affiliations.

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Come on folks!

Lesley  Riddoch 

Where? Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh and all across Scotland

When? 5pm-7.30pmWed 23rd Nov 2022 (see local event timings)

Why? UK Supreme Court sharing their judgement so we’ll share ours

Who? You, your family, pals and whoever you meet on the way