Time for Scotland to Reactivate YES!

Independence Rally – Glasgow Nov 2019

Whatever the decision by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, the real result will be a reactivation of the Yes movement and a new understanding that we must be visible or folk around the world will think there’s no passionate (and rational!) support for independence in Scotland. There is, of course. But if it isn’t on display when Scotland’s future is making headlines, they will fairly conclude we don’t care that much. And so will that most important constituency – fellow Scots. So it’s up to all of us to turn out on Wednesday – regardless of differences of opinion or party affiliations.

Check the website timeforscotland.scot

Come on folks!

Lesley  Riddoch 

Where? Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh and all across Scotland

When? 5pm-7.30pmWed 23rd Nov 2022 (see local event timings)

Why? UK Supreme Court sharing their judgement so we’ll share ours

Who? You, your family, pals and whoever you meet on the way

7 thoughts on “Time for Scotland to Reactivate YES!”

  1. A re activation of the yes movement?
    Long, long overdue and just maybe way too late!
    I wish you well in your collective endeavours, especially in bringing the rational elements of the yes movement into some kind of consensus!

    1. It’s never too late so change direction but that takes a willingness to scrutinise what you’ve done wrong as well as what you’ve done right.

      Lesley is right in that we must use Wednesday to create a platform when there is a significant event and leverage from it. Whether folk agree or disagree that SC should be making any decision here, doesn’t really matter, the fact is they are and it will bring both domestic & world media.

      It’s up to us if we stay home with our arms crossed or grab this opportunity to have OUR say, regardless of the actual judgement from SC. This is a moment that can be a catalyst for change if we make it so. We must change and that’s on us, the people.

      A loose collective of folk wanting independence isn’t a movement unless we move things (50:50 is a deadlock).

      Everyone from politicians to campaign groups and individuals need to take an honest look and ask…

      What are we doing that isn’t working and how can we change it to make it work?

      Only by finding and fixing the broken parts do we get the dial to move again.

      It’s time to embrace our mistakes, honestly, as that where we learn, grown and really change things.

      Robin McAlpine has some thought on this too.


      1. For eight years the FM has lived a live that only a few can dream of and during this eight years she hasn’t even argued Scotland case in strong terms with the UKG but instead we have had her stating she British removing our national flag so she could attend cop26 endorsing the idea of Devo-Max.

        If Scotland wants Independence we need to have a leader who is prepared to put Scotland before herself and that isn’t a selfish Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland has made no advance in the polls and its entirely down to a leader who’s prepared to abide by the rules set in England.

  2. Lesley Riddoch your the biggest fool walking the streets, your constant support for Nicola Sturgeon who in eights has delivered absolutely nothing for Scotland or our people.

    Sturgeon has single handily destroyed Scotland chances of Independence when people like you call for action your not going to get many offers apart from the LGBT brigade. I was a loyal supporter and member of the SNP for 33yrs, I hope to god one day you regret your support for a woman who is vindictive individual and only ever puts her own interest before the need of Scotland’s.

    How can you hold your head up and protest on wednesday when its exactly what Sturgeon and the SNP wanted, eight years of kicking Independence into the long grass and then sending it to the British supreme court in London and then expecting a favoralble result how stupid can someone be.

    I hope on Wednesday you’ll call for Sturgeon to resiegn as FM and leader of the SNP.

  3. I get the frustrations but one of the biggest issues IMHO of why we are not seeing clearly (to allow us to fix the things that are causing the deadlock in Indy polls) is, that we are too fixated on what others are/aren’t doing. More so, we base this mainly on assumptions. It’s really more powerful to focus on what WE ourselves are doing.

    Lesley is a journalist and understands how media works. If on Wednesday in Scotland the reaction to SC was tumbleweed, what message would Scotland and the world see? Why should they bother to engage if it looks like we’ve packed up and gone home?

    We need facilitators (that’s Lesley’s role for Wednesday) to get such events organised, then it’s up to those who engage, just as AUOB have and are still doing. We need to remember that behind these names are people and that if we keep making assumptions & negative judgements on folk’s intentions, eventually they’ll think ”why do I bother?”

    We’ve lost too many folk already, we can ill afford to lose more so let’s focus on where we agree, and build out from there to create an environment for progress based on transparency and honest scrutiny (not just political point scoring where the end result is always 0-0 at best) and maybe a clear path forward will become evident?

    It will certainly leave those not ‘pulling in the right direction’ with no place to hide: including the political players and maybe even force them to up their game?

    Robin McAlpine has some thoughts on this today.


    1. The misery Scotland faces is entirely Nicola Sturgeon fault, I’d rather wait ten years for Independence than keep Sturgeon another minute as FM.

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