ALBA’s Parliamentary Breakthrough!

ALBA just celebrated its third anniversary, and that birthday has brought in some exciting news in the form of a poll showing ALBA achieving its parliamentary breakthrough and the emergence of its first elected member win on an Alba ticket.

Having run for SNP leadership on a campaign for “Independence – Nothing Less” in October of 2023, Ash Regan defected to the ALBA Party, taking on the role of Holyrood leader.

In the four months since that defection, Ash Regan has helped grow the party’s electoral chances in the Lothian Region. Today ViveEcosse has run the figures for the Lothian Region Constituencies and List through an electoral calculator and the result is a political bombshell.

Ash Regan would be returned as an ALBA member of The Scottish Parliament on the Lothian Regional List, displacing Green C0-Leader Lorna Slater, according to the figures obtained on True North’s Survation Poll.

*AFU represents all ‘other parties’ in this image.

The 2021 Lothian List according to Ballot Box Scotland.

Data Tables Extract from Survation (True North Poll)

8 replies on “ALBA’s Parliamentary Breakthrough!”

Anyone else tired of all this nonsense. Party of halfwits voted for by people who can’t accept they lost in 2014. It was all over when Heidthebaw left the counting centre in his limo and it’ll be a long long time before there is another refurendum. But you know this eh?

Ash is brilliant but when Alba get better known over the next 2 years I predict Alba will win seats in every region of Scotland and could hold the balance of power instead of the Greens! We might then see the SNP forced into a more serious focus on independence!

ASH is proving that she joined the SNP to get independence, I sincerely hope she does regain her seat & do so getting rid of Slater is all the more heartening.. What I will never understand is the ones who have been there for decades, Graham Ewings, Gibson, & many more who joined for the same reason, Grahams speech on our Sovereignty & Claim of Right years ago now in HR proved she was a determined Independentista Today she as most of the other “OLDIES” is a settler looking after herself while selling Scotland out..

I never tune into politics these days not even the news, as I all honest I have given up on politicians now. Alex kept his promise with 1 mandate, but he also cost us that referendum win by running on a franchise that was practically open to the world.. However the one big difference between him & Sturgeon & YUSELESS he ran a good government, one that helped the people through mitigation of policies being introduced by the UK, Bedroom tax, for one, Prescription charges for another, Tuition fees, and many more.. I personally believe that is SALVO don’t succeed in freeing us form WM, the the best that Scotland can look forward to IS Good Governance such as that under Alex Salmond but with Eva Comrie as FM this time around..I also believe is Eva was leading ALBA now, it would rise faster as a political Party.. With Eva we would have our very own Mary McDonaldad

Thanks Kate for dropping a comment! That’s what is fantastic about politics at the moment, in our darkest times, more beacons of hope emerge on the horizon.

Ash made her name with “Independence – nothing less” and I believe Ash will be the politician to deliver it.

While we may disagree on Eva and Salvo – that is what makes us stronger, our ability to hold and value difference of opinion and put forward differing ideas where we look at them and apply whatever strategy is best at a given time. Thanks for sharing your take too! Discussion like this keeps the movement alive.

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