65 Methods to depart the British Empire

States that got Independence from UK/British Empire, and in short, how.

  1. Afghanistan – Treaty following a war.
  2. Antigua and Barbuda – Termination of Association Order.
  3. Bahrain – United Nations poll on Independence, declared Independence, called upon UN Secretariat to resolve.
  4. Barbados – Constitutional Conference, followed by informing UK.
  5. Belize – Demanded Independence, passed a constitution.
  6. Botswana – Ascended a constitution, confirmed with a general election.
  7. Brunei – Ascended a constitution, published a roadmap.
  8. Cyprus – Civil unrest / war.
  9. Dominica – Declared and passed a constitution.
  10. Egypt – Civil disobedience.
  11. Eswatini – Ascended a constitution, general election.
  12. Fiji – Ascended a constitution, general election.
  13. Ghana – Declared Independence.
  14. Granada – Opened negotiations following election.
  15. Guyana – Constitutional conference.
  16. India – Ascended a constitution, negotiations.
  17. Iraq – Proclamation.
  18. Israel – UN Resolution, Declaration.
  19. Jamaica – Constitutional Amendments, progressed, then declared.
  20. Jordan – Treaty and negotiations.
  21. Kenya – Uprising and negotiations
  22. Kiribati – UN Special Committee, Referendum, Privy Council.
  23. Kuwait – Negotiations, ascendancy.
  24. Lesotho – Constitution ascendancy.
  25. Libya – Military coup
  26. Malawi – Negotiated
  27. Malaya – Negotiated
  28. Maldives – Negotiated
  29. Malta – Negotiated
  30. Mauritius – Negotiated, general election
  31. Myanmar – Civil unrest
  32. Nauru – UN Council, Constitutional Convention
  33. Nigeria – Constitution, election
  34. Oman – Negotiations, treaty
  35. Pakistan – Civil unrest, negotiations
  36. Qatar – Constitution, declaration
  37. Saint Lucia – Constitution
  38. Saint Kitts and Nevis – Constitutional conference
  39. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Referendum
  40. Seychelles – Negotiated
  41. Sierra Leone – Negotiated
  42. Solomon Islands – Negotiated
  43. Somaliland – Civil unrest (unrecognised)
  44. South Yemen – Civil unrest, British withdrawal, declaration
  45. Sri Lanka – Negotiated
  46. Sudan – Referendum
  47. Tanganyika – Double election
  48. The Bahamas – Election and referendum
  49. The Gambia – Independence conference
  50. Tonga – Ceased to be protectorate
  51. Trinidad and Tobago – Election, negotiation
  52. Tuvalu – Referendum
  53. Uganda – Negotiation
  54. United Arab Emirates – Negotiation
  55. United States of America – Civil unrest, American Revolutionary War, declared Independence
  56. Vanuatu – Conference of nations
  57. Zambia – Election, consultation
  58. Zanzibar – Internal revolution
  59. Zimbabwe – Civil unrest, election
  60. Australia – Referendums
  61. Canada – Negotiated
  62. Ireland – Civil unrest, civil War,
  63. Dominion of Newfoundland – National convention, referendum, joined Canada.
  64. South Africa – Referendum
  65. New Zealand – Declaration

2 thoughts on “65 Methods to depart the British Empire”

  1. The SNP has made its mind up, it wants to stay safe in the hands of the Union and focus on really good governance to show the electorate that they can govern in 2026. You can kiss Independence goodbye for a long, time its not my choice its the SNP.

  2. The SNP does not own Scotlands Indy movement, & as for REALLY good governance that is something they have been incapable of since 2015.. Alex Salmond showed the people what good governance looked and felt right, And yes, he made mistakes along the way, Police Scotland for a start. BUT he mitigated as much as he could to stop Scots suffering due to WM police, i.e Tuition fees, prescription charges, bedroom tax, hospital parking charges, free bus passes, & stopped fracking.. AND he brought dentists back to the NHS by encouraging qualified Europeans to come here…And with just 6MPS & 1 mandate he gave the country the chance to vote on their freedom from WM. Unfortunately that referendum included EVERYONE living in Scotland, Unlike the BREXIT referendum where NO Europeans no matter how long they lived here, were allowed to vote at all.

    ONLY British for that referendum.. And that was another of Alex’s huge mistakes. the franchise he allowed to be used.. No other country allows immigrants to their country to vote on such big ticket issues, LOCAL ELECTIONS (Councils elections here) YES..

    Scotland has had a huge influx of English people, Even more so since 2014, some most definitely did want Independence from WM, that is probably why they moved here, (It wasn’t for our weather that’s for sure) But, between those that did not vote YES, and the Europeans who had been here for decades being THREATENED that a YES vote would mean them having to leave. Indigenous Scots still managed to vote 53% for YES..

    Better Together were also calling old people with threats of losing their pensions if they voted yes, 2014 was NOT a fair referendum,

    For me, I firmly believe that the 2015 GE was Scotland righting the rigged referendum of 2014 by removing ABOUR as the domineering party in Scotland when it came to WM & leaving every Unionist Party with just ONE MP..

    That was the real vote on INDEPENDENCE, but the moron sell out by traitor Sturgeon, craved being chief Mammy of HR .Hence 56Ps not counting, neither did the 35 in 2017 or the 48 in 2019, yet they fought this election again on the lies of ONLY a MAJORITY of SNP MPs is the way to Independence. Thank god the gullible Scots were wakening up, but wakening up to what? with War Monger Starmers party back in government, and seeing all those EX Blairites back in the Parliament..

    Scotland deserves all thenasty bad laws and policies that are coming down the road to tie us hook line & sinker at least until WM is done with us and all our land has been plundered of the richest assets any country could dream of..

    3 Indy parties did not get a look in, (I do not count greens as an Indy party) Those that did vote, voted for a party that will soon see their sons once again fighting wars in countries to change regimes that suit the west, not countries that attack us.. Thankfully SNP is heading for the thrashing of it’s life in 2026.. A year that could be our last chance to remain an actual nation a nation called SCOTLAND in our own right, get it wrong in 2026 & Scots WILL become English & NORTH BRITAIN will be how we are known, Bcos then we will be tied in chains like the Unicorn forever more..

    Those who really want Indy should be holding meetings NOW, getting together as UNIONIST did with BETTER TOGETHER & more I4I candidates should be included. Especially on witnessing ALBA behave like the SNP towards who was ONE of their VERY BEST members, until she left the party due to inside behaviour of favouring candidates.. They stood one of Scotland’s finest Indy politicians against her.. All Indy people should also be working with SALVO & LIBERATION.SCOT, forming a convention of true Independentistas.. a real MOVEMENT..

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