On the 18th of February there was an opportunity to advance the case of Scottish Independence. Since 2014 there has been a stalemate that seemed unbreakable and unbroken. 

I joined Ash Regan’s campaign on that day. With considerable substance over style, a feisty fireball of determination and a calm confidence. We moved forward on one mission: 

Independence – nothing less. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 

The strategy was mocked, derided and attacked but held true to the belief that our best days are ahead of us and our big ideas are worth exploring. 

Ash Regan does not back down. Ash Regan gets things done. Ash Regan has once again lit the fires of debate around Scotland’s future and moved the ball back into Scotland’s court.

Tomorrows successes will be propelled regardless of result by the power of her example. 🔥 

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The SNP is supposed to be the Independence party anyone who wants Independence as from today can’t possibly believe that the SNP is still a party for achieving Independence, when its membership just voted for a leader to continue on the same course of direction, we have been for the last 9yrs.
The fight for Independence isn’t just against the UKG or the Unionist it would seem its also against the SNP membership and the leadership.
I really don’t see the Ash Regan supporters wanting to remain in the party anymore what would be the point.
Out of the three candigates its only Ash Regan who realises its Scotland who’s the loser by the look on her face that says it all.
I hope people waken up to Kate Forbes before its to late, she isn’t a nationalist but is an opportunist, I did get one thing I wanted from today result and that’s I didn’t want Kate Frobes to win at all.

I was so proud of Ash Regan from day one.

Ash’s SNP Action Plan, Independence Convention & Commission drew me to her campaign. HY would do well to adopt these policies to keep SNP members like me on board.

But will he bold, will he be brave or will he buckle to the will of the establishment?

I, like many members, will closely observe his first move on an Independence Campaign before taking a decision on SNP membership.

En-garde Humza

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