How did the 111 ALBA candidates do?

I’ve created a list sorting the ALBA candidates by first preference votes as a percentage, to see where was strongest to begin the analysis of where things went well.

RankCouncilWardFirst Pref Vote
1Glasgow City CouncilWard 8 Southside Central8.07%
2Comhairle nan Eilean SiarWard 2 Uibhist a Deas Èirisgeigh agus Beinn na Faoghla7.04%
3North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 10 – Coatbridge West6.52%
4Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 3 – Fraserburgh and District5.83%
5North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 16 – Mossend and Holytown5.22%
6Dundee City CouncilWard 5 – Maryfield5.08%
7North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 18 – Motherwell North5.04%
8Falkirk CouncilWard 6 – Falkirk North4.55%
9Fife CouncilWard 5 – Rosyth3.96%
10Aberdeen City CouncilKincorth/Nigg/Cove Ward3.84%
11Inverclyde CouncilWard 3 – Inverclyde Central3.82%
12The Highland CouncilEilean a’ Cheò3.68%
13Dundee City CouncilWard 7 – East End3.67%
14Glasgow City CouncilWard 6 Pollokshields3.54%
15The Highland CouncilCulloden and Ardersier3.34%
16Dundee City CouncilWard 2 – Lochee3.15%
17Argyll & Bute CouncilWard 5 – Oban North and Lorn2.86%
18Dundee City CouncilWard 6 – North East2.69%
19Inverclyde CouncilWard 5 – Inverclyde West2.64%
20East Ayrshire CouncilWard 2 – Kilmarnock North2.55%
21Aberdeen City CouncilTillydrone/Seaton/Old Aberdeen Ward2.52%
22Dundee City CouncilWard 4 – Coldside2.52%
23North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 9 – Airdrie Central2.50%
24North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 7 – Coatbridge North2.48%
25Aberdeen City CouncilNorthfield/Mastrick North Ward2.48%
26Aberdeen City CouncilTorry/Ferryhill Ward2.46%
27Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 4 – Central Buchan2.38%
28Argyll & Bute CouncilWard 8 – Isle of Bute2.36%
29Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 5 – Peterhead North and Rattray2.36%
30Angus CouncilWard 5 – Carnoustie and District2.28%
31North Lanarkshire CouncilWard 15 – Bellshill2.25%
32Glasgow City CouncilWard 4 Cardonald2.20%
33Fife CouncilWard 15 – Glenrothes Central & Thornton2.17%
34Perth & Kinross CouncilWard 11 – Perth City North2.17%
35Clackmannanshire CouncilWard 2 Clackmannanshire North2.09%
36Glasgow City CouncilWard 5 Govan2.04%
37Glasgow City CouncilWard 9 Calton1.98%
38The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 7 – Sighthill/Gorgie1.96%
39Fife CouncilWard 10 – Kirkcaldy North1.95%
40Glasgow City CouncilWard 2 Newlands/Auldburn1.94%
41East Ayrshire CouncilWard 5 – Kilmarnock South1.88%
42The Highland CouncilInverness South1.88%
43South Lanarkshire CouncilWard 14 – Cambuslang East1.84%
44Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 1 – Banff and District1.84%
45The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 16 – Liberton/Gilmerton1.79%
46Dundee City CouncilWard 1 – Strathmartine1.76%
47Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 19 – Mearns1.71%
48Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 10 – West Garioch1.68%
49Glasgow City CouncilWard 16 Canal1.66%
50Glasgow City CouncilWard 17 Springburn/Robroyston1.65%
51Glasgow City CouncilWard 12 Victoria Park1.64%
52South Ayrshire CouncilWard 3 – Ayr North1.61%
53Fife CouncilWard 17 – Tay Bridgehead1.59%
54The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 13 – Leith1.53%
55Scottish Borders CouncilWard 9 – Jedburgh & District1.51%
56East Dunbartonshire CouncilWard 4 – Bishopbriggs North & Campsie1.50%
57The Highland CouncilNairn and Cawdor1.49%
58South Ayrshire CouncilWard 6 – Kyle1.47%
59Glasgow City CouncilWard 18 East Centre1.45%
60East Dunbartonshire CouncilWard 5 – Bishopbriggs South1.43%
61Fife CouncilWard 1 – West Fife & Coastal Villages1.39%
62Inverclyde CouncilWard 4 – Inverclyde North1.39%
63West Lothian CouncilWard 2 – Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh1.39%
64West Lothian CouncilWard 6 – Fauldhouse and the Breich Valley1.38%
65Angus CouncilWard 6 – Arbroath West, Letham and Friockheim1.32%
66Fife CouncilWard 4 – Dunfermline South1.32%
67Midlothian CouncilWard 3 – Dalkeith1.30%
68Falkirk CouncilWard 8 – Lower Braes1.30%
69Fife CouncilWard 22 – Buckhaven Methil & Wemyss Villages1.29%
70Fife CouncilWard 9 – Burntisland Kinghorn & Western Kirkcaldy1.29%
71Fife CouncilWard 7 – Cowdenbeath1.28%
72East Renfrewshire CouncilWard 3 – Giffnock and Thornliebank1.27%
73The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 17 – Portobello/Craigmillar1.27%
74South Lanarkshire CouncilWard 7 – East Kilbride Central South1.27%
75Glasgow City CouncilWard 1 Linn1.27%
76East Renfrewshire CouncilWard 5 – Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham1.25%
77The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 12 – Leith Walk1.23%
78East Ayrshire CouncilWard 3 – Kilmarnock West and Crosshouse1.21%
79Midlothian CouncilWard 4 – Midlothian West1.20%
80The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 11 – City Centre1.19%
81Dumfries & Galloway CouncilWard 11 – Annandale North1.18%
82Fife CouncilWard 3 – Dunfermline Central1.18%
83Inverclyde CouncilWard 2 – Inverclyde East Central1.18%
84South Ayrshire CouncilWard 2 – Prestwick1.17%
85South Ayrshire CouncilWard 8 – Girvan and South Carrick1.16%
86Clackmannanshire CouncilWard 4 Clackmannanshire South1.16%
87Falkirk CouncilWard 9 – Upper Braes1.15%
88East Lothian CouncilWard 1 – Musselburgh1.14%
89Dundee City CouncilWard 3 – West End1.12%
90Renfrewshire CouncilWard 4 – Paisley Northwest1.11%
91Glasgow City CouncilWard 7 Langside1.10%
92East Renfrewshire CouncilWard 1 – Barrhead, Liboside and Uplawmoor1.10%
93South Lanarkshire CouncilWard 5 – Avondale and Stonehouse1.09%
94East Lothian CouncilWard 5 – Haddington and Lammermuir1.09%
95South Lanarkshire CouncilWard 6 – East Kilbride South1.08%
96Glasgow City CouncilWard 3 Greater Pollok1.04%
97East Lothian CouncilWard 2 – Preston, Seton and Gosford1.03%
98Dundee City CouncilWard 8 – The Ferry1.02%
99North Ayrshire CouncilWard 01 – North Coast1.02%
100The City of Edinburgh CouncilWard 10 – Morningside0.97%
101Fife CouncilWard 16 – Howe Of Fife & Tay Coast0.96%
102Angus CouncilWard 4 – Monifieth and Sidlaw0.93%
103Perth & Kinross CouncilWard 12 – Perth City Centre0.91%
104East Renfrewshire CouncilWard 2 – Newton Mearns North and Neilston0.91%
105West Lothian CouncilWard 8 – Bathgate0.90%
106Midlothian CouncilWard 1 – Penicuik0.89%
107Midlothian CouncilWard 6 – Midlothian South0.89%
108Stirling CouncilWard 3 – Dunblane and Bridge of Allan0.86%
109East Lothian CouncilWard 3 – Tranent, Wallyford and Macmerry0.85%
110Aberdeenshire CouncilWard 13 – Westhill and District0.84%
111Glasgow City CouncilWard 23 Partick East/Kelvindale0.79%

*Linn By-Election (17th November 2022) – 1.8% (45th position)

7 replies on “How did the 111 ALBA candidates do?”

Whether you like it or not, you simply cannot ignore the Salmond factor. The reason Alba party came into existence could be the major issue in its continuing failure. The complete hatchet job that snp/Scot Gov has pulled off has completely tainted his reputation and the public’s minds are now closed to him. He was and is a divisive figure only more so now, with factions in the yes movement, including the party of government, a government he once headed, now firmly entrenched in either for or against positions.
If he decides to take a back seat, whether voluntarily or he’s “telt” to, it would be interesting to see how the electorate viewed Alba party if he wasn’t front and centre. Can Alba party flourish post Alex? or, at least in the short term, is any association with the former SNP leader and first minister tainted?
The council election results were deeply disappointing and from that there should be a review of leadership and tactics employed during the campaign. I was of the opinion that it was a fight that Alba didn’t have to make, as the results, good or bad brought us no closer to independence and council elections should be about providing local services.
One thing should be crystal clear though, carry on regardless is not an option.

Don’t be daft Cameron. ALBA wouldn’t last two minutes without Salmond.

We know this from fate of ISP – half a dozen candidates average 0.5 of the vote – compared to ALBA 111 candidates average 2 per cent.

Your strategy of ducking elections would hardly work – OK for a think tank not for a political party.

ALBA’’s progress should not be underrated – 7000 members, 2 real Conferences and Wee ALBA Book. With a bit more organisational know how to add to the enthusiasm they would have had a victory in Sturgeon’s back yard last week.

Of these the Wee Book is most important. I was at the Ayr meeting a couple of weeks back – big audience Salmond on fire.

Electoral progress will be slow but if we arrive at next Scottish elections with no move to INDY then ALBA’s time will come. They should plan on that four year timescale.

That’s the thing though, I believe Salmond expected a breakthrough at SP elections last May,we all did, it didn’t happen, even in Salmond’s own patch it didn’t happen, where were his grassroots voters when it mattered?
It now looks like he’s playing some kind of waiting game, if the SNP defaults on independence /referendum again, the electorate who have rejected Alba are going to flock there now? Really?

My concern is that with growing corruption and incompetence shown by snp Scot/Gov coming to light on such a regular basis the public’s trust of a supposed independence party will errode, and these voters will return to unionist parties.

We all hoped for a breakthrough last year. In retrospect a party formed days before an election fought in pandemic conditions with a message (super majority) which was valid, but hardly easy for any member of the public without a politics degree, wasn’t the best of timing.

However we are where we are. The SNP have promised a referendum in 23. If they deliver well and good , let’s unite behind the Nicola banner. But if they don’t then planning now to breakthrough with a committed Independence Party in 2026 is not a pipe dream – indeed it is essential if we are to see independence in our natural spans.

Your point about the mediocre record of the Sturgeon SNP makes the point. Take away the independence vote and the SNP would be flat as a pancake. All the more reason to have an indy alternative unencumbered by SNP/Green failings in Government.

None of this is easy but it is 10 times more likely with Salmond than without him. If you are really committed to this cause then I would suggest jotting down an email to the ALBA leader asking him to embark on that journey with the rest of us and not to ride into the sunset.

My commitment to the cause is not the issue, the electorate’s rejection of Salmond is.
It doesn’t say a lot for party policy if as you say, it wouldn’t last two minutes without him.
There was a face saver for Alex in the role of President, as the author of this essay has said. Those that insisted that he be nominated as leader and front man did him no favours at all, it prolongs his public humiliation all the more.
There is an alternative of MacAskill as leader, Hanvey as depute, both elected politicians with Salmond free to concentrate on tactics. Some of those hoping for glory by clinging to Salmond’s coat tails may then have the opportunity to show their own worth.
I agree, it’s not easy, no magic wand but as Alba party settles into the long game they must ensure that their two elected MPs are not lost as I fear this would be the end.

Your commitment to the cause is the issue since quite clearly it’s genuine nature it is in question.

Not one of the SNP minnows , including Sturgeon, would have amounted to anything without Salmond, who is the only politician the British state has truly feared since Parnell.

Luckily for us he has decided to stick around to guide the country to Indy.

Bit puzzled by your opening salvo!
The nature of political debate in any free society is to be able to question, something that the party of government in Scotland seems all too ready to stifle and I’d hoped that this was a trait that would have been completely alien with the Alba party.
It seems like a mirror image of what’s happened with snp, absolutely no questioning of Sturgeon will be tolerated. Surely Alba would want to be seen as a party where differing opinions could be aired?
Aye, the British State feared him, only pity is the public won’t vote for him.

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