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Movement for Scottish Independence

Every now and then something kinda cool comes along and piques interest.

We’re nearing the tenth anniversary of the first Independence referendum, and we’re now in a position to say not only has the First Minister who led the movement there moved on, but so has his successor, Nicola Sturgeon. A generation has definitively, in every conceivable fashion, now passed.

There have been some big ideas in the SNP leadership race, but some have been wandering around the movement for a long while. One is the establishment of a campaign vehicle, an organisation built from the ground up.

ViveEcosse attended some of the formation meetings and while it’s taken a while to get where we are, there are some very interesting things to report.

The ‘Movement for Scottish Independence’ is now alive!

Political parties are already registered entities so will exist regardless – instead, this is for everyone else – an umbrella organisation to help with the logistics of being a full member of the electoral process.

Already there are a ton of Yes Groups, the Scottish Independence Convention and the influential Common Weal think tank leading the way.

It’s one we are proud to stand under – and the campaign is just getting warmed up. As always we’re advocates of wider doors and longer tables, so we hope to see you all in MSI too.

Originally reported in The National: