What is the change?

I’m becoming bored of Labour, not because they are a cohort of deck shufflers, that have no real ideas or plans, but the grift it taking on new levels.

The ENTIRE policy set on the Labour UK website. Seriously, 5 bullet points is all.

Above is the whole five points they could be bothered to write down, no plan or strategy with them, no details.

So when they post nonsense like this

The constituent being none other than Gordon Brown, former prime minister.

They say ‘it’s time for change’. But what is the change? You see in elections you can be the campaign for stability or change.

Former through losing an election, ending Labour’s most popular electoral run.

Is it possible the Labour Party are unaware that Gordon Brown was the last Labour leader in power? That it was Gordon that lost the election and propelled the Tories into power for over a decade?

How can the man who lost last time, be the change?

Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar are that hopeless, that they’ve had to dig out the former heavyweights to add some credibility. Government in waiting or government of the past?

The reason the Labour Party got wiped out in Scotland was due to utter uselessness and entitlement to power that they took the electorate for granted.

Douglas Chapman’s predecessor was exposed by his constituents for using an expensive private transport service, rather than just using the airport bus. Douglas happens to use his free bus pass avoided expensing it at all.

The “change” that is “coming”.

Labour are currently feeling a bit emboldened with the UK wide loathing of the Conservative Party, but make no mistake they’ll snatch defeat from the jaws of victory before the next election. Planless, strategyless, democracy denying – none of it holds up terribly wrong.

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