Supreme Court, what’s new, what’s next

Allison Graham and Graeme Spence chat with Pilar Fernandez on the judgment of the Supreme Court in relation to Scottish Independence.

One reply on “Supreme Court, what’s new, what’s next”

It extremely hard not to look at the SNP and think, this party is deliberately trying to deny Scotland’s Independence. One of the SNP MSP backbencher could have introduced the referendum bill that way it wouldn’t have needed any legal advice and would have been legal, but instead Sturgeon employed a Lord Advocate who’s apposed to Independence and took it to the British supreme court who’s ruling in my opinion was political.

There is further evidence regard the SNP and its leadership in their efforts to deny Scotland becoming independent, to wait until next year and for Scotland and our people to wait until the SNP have a conference next is totally beyond believe this action by Sturgeon only shows that she and her party isn’t prepared to work with any other party and if it means Scotland never becoming Independent then there happy for that to happen.

Nicola Sturgeon is either a useless or a unionist working for the British state, in all my years as a nationalist I never heard any leader saying there British and will remain British when we become Independent.

The only way forward for Scotland is that the SNP is destroyed as a party or its membership remove Sturgeon and her elite buddies.

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