Final Act of UK Pantomime: A view from the peanut gallery

If like so many across our communities you’re waking up to the reality that in our clean energy rich Scotland, abundant with high quality produce and human talent we are approaching winter 2022/23 with folk trying to stop our fellow citizens from freezing and starving, then none of this blog will be news.

If you haven’t yet seen with any clarity, the direction of travel Scotland is being hurled down, as a passenger on the UK Brexit Bus 🇬🇧 controlled remotely by sociopaths like a red, white and blue remake of Speed, then hold onto your seat. This isn’t a drill.

Sadly, it’s not mere ‘lefty hyperbole’, it’s the dystopian reality of a neoliberal economy in meltdown from flame throwing disaster capitalists at an arsonist’s think tank conference, even Telegraph readers can’t avoid the flames 🔥

The visual image of ‘trickle down economics’ kinda fits with laws of nature as water flows downstream. This helps as a convincer as it sounds plausible and has for years convinced some in Scotland and many in the larger population of our neighbour that ‘business knows best’, ‘keep the markets happy and all will be well’ and ‘if GDP is growing then my life must be better’, right?

Un-interfered with, nature doesn’t have to deal with the human greed variable however. Greed is an agent of erosion to divert the natural flow of materials. It starts with the soft targets but unhindered, will eventually collapse the whole system in an attempt to keep the riches flowing back up stream and into plunge pools deep with treasure. Waterfall economics would be a more accurate description!

Scotland’s ‘left of centre’ elected voice is left to either fit in or attempt to stand out, with hand wringing or fist thumping speeches but ultimately,

”Scotland will not” always turns out to be ’Scotland are’…

In the latest plot twist in the perverse reality show that is U.K. politics, we’ve got ‘Britain’s Nae Talent’ PM Truss with her Bone Idle caBINet who can’t even be bothered to pretend to know their brief for the cameras as they vie for Ultimate Nihilistic Ninja champion by throwing as many obstacles as possible at ordinary folk, continually upping the challenges for them to survive!

The Boaty McBoatface winner of the latest Tory leadership spin the bottle contest, took to the stage to the tune of a song telling her to ‘pack her bags’ – the butt of a joke only she seems not to get.

An animatronic Truss looked pleased to have ticked ✅ all the ‘show dominance’ boxes in a speech the writers I’m sure were grateful was energised by two Greenpeace protestors.

‘Rebellious Scots to Crush’ seems to have been rebranded to “Separatists, back in yer box and await my instructions to solve the energy crisis we’re imposing on you while I find ways to foist my nuclear and fracking ‘solutions’ onto your land of embarrassing energy riches” – or as they like to call Scotland’s resources, ‘banker’s bonuses’. I just don’t get the lack of gratitude?

You’ll no be needing Ready Brek to glow if Technetium ☢️ Truss gets her way across these islands!

So, in a whirlwind few weeks, Truss Tornado hit landfall and OZ will never, ever be the same again!

House of the Norfolk broad landed with a thump squashing the Wicked Twonk of Uxbridge and South Ruislip but before (the inevitable) Tory party purvey had been ordered, or she had a chance to steam strip the headache inducing wallpaper from No10: the Queen died.

This perfect opportunity to establish herself as a statesperson on the global stage saw her scuttle awkwardly across the country after the new King like Julie Walter’s in ‘The Waitress’ while her ‘elite’ team apparently spent the mourning period writing scripts for a reboot of The Hunger Games.

Political business resumed and the new PM proclaimed ‘no ifs, no buts, well….maybe’ as she sought to tackle UK’s lack of growth by top rate tax cuts, to ensure more of the now uncapped banker’s bonus’s can be kept by those plucky hedge fund managers!

Reintroduced fois gras won’t pay for itself so a firm doubling down on real time cuts to welfare and worker’s pay and conditions should help the ’trickle’ flow in the right direction. The Emerald City won’t expand its shining glory by letting those pesky Munchkins get their mitts near the economy’s jewels!

While practicing clicking her heels in her new ruby slippers to M People’s ‘Moving On Up’ she tripped over her Chancellor reading the economic forecast of his ‘mini budget’ upside down and together they tumbled across the floor, wrenching down the big velvet curtain of neoliberal illusion and exposing the GREAT and POWERFUL UK WIZARDS to the world as just auld men in suits fiddling with knobs and puffing out hot air via various media channels and think tanks.

‘Strong and Stable’ once proclaimed by true blue Conservatives has been retired to a meme and even the most trusting Tory voter would surely be quietly checking on any bath their government was entrusted to run?

So, the façade has fallen and the ruse is finally up. The basement layer of talent deep beneath the once well scrapped barrel of Tory talent has been exposed for all to see! The sham of a post Brexit UK that trades on illusionary memories of a rose-tinted past it has methodically destroyed since Thatcher looks kinda pale and blotchy in the glare of daylight…

Those of us scratching our heads at the absurdity of this national ‘long con’ working on so many for so long (they even have CON in their name) must stay focussed on what comes next as it’s most certainly not a given!

So, the real question for Scotland now is, why are we still watching this UK pantomime from the peanut gallery? Scotland as a population don’t need convincing not to vote for Tory governments: we haven’t since 1955.

So, Scotland’s REAL energy crisis is whether the people of Scotland can create and sustain the energy required for REAL change and whether our own political classes can deliver the catalyst to speed up the reaction!