Thistle is a Scottish Political Party management and campaign engine.

The Vive Ecosse Team is developing Thistle due to the lack of serious alternatives able to fit the requirement of a modern Scottish Political Party.

Status: Developing Scope

Party Management

  • Membership (multiple levels)
  • Supporters (multiple levels)
  • Gamification
  • Email
  • Support Desk

Party Policy

  • Policy submission
  • Policy curation
  • Policy development
  • Policy Index

Party Discipline

  • Reporting
  • Cautions
  • Warnings
  • Suspension
  • Exclusion
  • Expulsion
  • Appeals
  • Member handbook

Party Internal Elections

  • Term Management
  • Candidate biography
  • Vote Capture
  • Results & Reporting


  • Support + Opposition Tracking
  • Questions, Canvassing, Data Capture
  • Data reporting
  • Self Identification
  • Targeting

Get Out The Vote

  • Reporting
  • Feedback

Electoral Tracking

  • Poll Tracking
  • Party Candidate Tracking
  • Opposition Candidate Tracking

Campaign Team Management

  • Todo lists
  • Contact lists
  • Chat
  • Notes
  • HQ Updates
  • Teams

Press Release Management

  • PR drafting / proofing
  • PR Tracking
  • PR crisis management
  • Document repository


  • Crowdfunding
  • Donations
  • Funding drives
  • Ticketed events
  • Lottery
  • 50:50 clubs

6 replies on “Thistle”

This is what we need. An organised approach to party management and an election strategy. Excellent!

Some of these items are things I have been trying to get support for for yonks.

I have been trying to track down decent software to handle membership properly and have GDPR integral rather than a clumsily applied afterthought like NB which is an absolute nightmare. So far I have come up empty. Access to membership by war, constituency and region is desperately needed.

I have wanted cross a party policy database indexed every which way so the members can find outb what the agreed policies are. I have wanted a conference resolutions database cross referenced to the party policy database so that the membership can see the process of membership to conference to policy in action.

I would at least want to have the same sort of indexing of the party manifesto for the membership if not the general public.

You need a way that the office bearers in branches/LACUs can communicate horizontally. In a certain party’s mailing system it was only possible to communicate vertically, Branch office bearers -> members. There was no way to communicate between different branches even in the same CA or electoral region. It meant Facebook pages had to be setup to be able to find all the convenors or all the PEOs. HQ was not able to make that info available to office bearers even though it was already in the mailing system for HQ communications to be used. This should be the standard in a mailing system so that branches or office bearers can organise amount themselves.
Very willing to help in developing and testing this product, it sounds like it is an excellent way forward.

It’s a great point, as a standard you’re correct – horizontal communication should be paramount in a political organisation.

In ALBA I setup a forum for the party that ultimately wasn’t picked up. However Thistle will be built on collaboration.

The campaign management tool is built on adding anyone to it 🙂

The policy module also is built on party wide communication.

Once we’ve got some screenshots or demos up – I’d appreciate you feeding back in on how it can be enhanced.

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