Chain of Freedom Scotland

Independence doesn’t bring about itself – you need to go out and demonstrate that there’s not just a hunger for if, but there is an active and vibrant demand.

That’s what we’re going to do with the ‘Chain of Freedom Scotland’.

Inspired by the Baltic Way,

A peaceful political demonstration which took place on 23 August 1989 when approximately two million people joined their hands forming a 600 km long human chain through the Baltic countries, thus demonstrating their unity in their efforts towards freedom.
Photo: P. Šķiņķis

Across sixty six miles of Scotland we are going to split into 11 groups – run by each of the Yes/Indy groups.

In each of those 11 groups, we’re going to split into one mile chain links. Inside those links you’ll be able to see the person along from you and it’ll be up to participants how they want to demonstrate support for Scottish Independence.

For some that will be playing your bagpipe to your neighbour, for others that will be taking pictures and sharing on social media. However the important thing is that we turn out and show that the movement is alive and full of the passions of the nation.

In the short space since the idea was born, there are already over nine thousand members in the group – and that’s before we’ve even a got close to the date!

There’s still time for groups to get involved for their local area and there’s more than enough time for individuals to get registered to take part.

It really does need the whole Indy family to turn up and show the world – that Scotland’s people want their independence.

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