Competence, constitutionally

First Minister Humza Yousaf set out the Scottish Government plan for establishing a constitution for an Independent Scotland.

This is a welcome development and should be widely supported. If you look at our article: Where are the investigative journalists?

You can see a large number of the breakaway countries form the British Empire – actually did so by building a constitution and then ascending it through a plurality vote, leading to independence.

This building block is fundamental to the forming of a modern nation.

Humza was correct in saying – Westminster not having one – is the constitutional outlier.

The debate is now open, the discussion has now begun and the question is now – what do you think is fundamental to a country?

This is important stuff. We want to get this right as a nation.

STV’s Colin McKay asked if it’s not putting the cart before the horse effectively debating this before independence or in lieu of an Independence Strategy. However I don’t think many of our journalists have a firm grasp on this may be the step – that actually delivers independence.

As a movement we need to let parties do as they do – while we focus on building the foundations of the future – which is more important.

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