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There’s no real shortage of left wing ideas, or socialist proposals for the future within Independence, however I want to explore today one of the more centre and growth driven proposals we could realistically implement following a Yes victory. 

Two small nations have made an incredible success of their aviation industries based on their geographical locations in the world. We can look to Ireland and Iceland for inspiration. Ireland has the largest and most successful low cost airline in Europe, punching well above its population weight. 

Iceland has one of the widest connected networks for a small nation, perhaps the widest in relation to its size. Iceland even capitalises on its connectivity by offering 1/2/3 day stop-overs to every customer who books through the Icelandair main website. 

This is a big deal for the Icelandic nation, as it grabs tourists with money to spend, and brings them into the idea of a visit to a country they may otherwise not have thought about trying. Likewise for many business travellers the layover is basically included as the direct flight would otherwise be more expensive by another airline. 

Scotland has fantastic airport capacity, with three international flight capable airports in the central belt, it has the ability to link all three by rail. Prestwick has a train station, Edinburgh has one a moment away and Glasgow could be linked without much trouble in the future.

Further afield theres plenty capacity in Aberdeen and potentially Dundee. The whole country has an excellent base not just for strong aviation connections, but for great hospitality within the city areas surrounding those airports. 

The position of Scotland, as an English speaking country, working as a connection hub at the eastern edge of the Atlantic cannot be underestimated as an asset. While the air departure tax would need to be more competitive than the UK and its London connectivity stranglehold to attract the market – this would be more than made up for by volume of flights. London is already the largest connectivity hub of the world – and decades of poor leadership in aviation have made it a prime target to steal market share from.

Environmental concerns would obviously arise from this aviation bonanza, but again Scotland, as a world leader in renewables already would be able to double dip and use its engineering prowess and new found aviation market to lead the world in a transition to greener travel. 

Lastly there comes a great worldwide soft power influence when positive impressions of your country can be gained by business and tourist passengers, harassed by the ever diminishing quality of airlines, and looking for suitable calming respite surrounded by immense natural beauty.

To the skies!

4 thoughts on “Independent flight”

  1. Triple dip, given Scotland’s prowess in digital industries. Not only are we on a global stage in the games industry but also flight comparison/booking sites like SkyScanner.

    Scotland needs to start looking seriously at our all assets and the obvious and less obvious opportunities they present us.

    It’s really up to us to determine if we want this enough to actually make it happen.

    Is Scotland’s ambition to walk our own path to create a better nation where all our people can thrive or are we content to tinker in perpetuity with a devolve power derived from U.K. primary legislation?

    Time for us all to step up in both action and ambition, no one will do it for us.

  2. I believe all that which is written regarding Scotland. We ARE a proud and industrious nation who: if allowed to : can overcome all adversity and solve all the problems thrown at us , be they large or small.

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